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I am not confident just how much you'll be able to believe in an organisation that can assist you with the incredibly difficulty its founder experienced right up until his death.

The souls obtained captured and obtained despatched into a theatre to observe these "3-D movies" displaying "faux religions" like Buddhism and Christianity(Head of L. Ron Hubbard) and also other motion pictures to put adverse feelings in these souls

In keeping with "Likely Clear," Hubbard grew to become Parsons scribe and assistant over a magical operation to impregnate a goddess-like lady to develop the anti-Christ. three. Customers were being allegedly thrown overboard as punishment

The Church of Scientology closes guards its secrets. On the number of instances that they have managed to leak on to the web, the organisation speedily follows with lawsuits and threats. In case you search for the OT level files now, you will not locate a duplicate (apart from the very first two which can be found as court information).

“What the Church opposes are brutal, inhumane psychiatric treatments. It does so for 3 principal explanations: one) techniques for example electro-shock, drugs and lobotomy injure, maim and damage individuals from the guise of support; 2) psychiatry is just not a science and has no demonstrated ways to justify the billions of bucks of government money that happen to be poured into it; and 3) psychiatric theories that male is really a mere animal have been utilized to rationalize, by way of example, the wholesale slaughter of human beings in World Wars I and II.

L. Ron Hubbard did not believe in scientology beliefs disabilities donations. He didn’t believe in fundraisers. In fact, he had rather scathing text to state on the topic:

The worst of these methods is named Honest Video game. The organisation promises to have ceased applying reasonable activity but Lots of individuals have expert harassment given that that declare was made. What is reasonable sport?

Hubbard works by using the existence of entire body thetans to clarify many of the physical and mental ailments of humanity which, he says, avoid people today from obtaining their highest spiritual levels.[eight] OT III tells the Scientologist to Find human body thetans and launch them from the consequences of Incidents I and II.[eight] This is attained in solo auditing, exactly where the Scientologist retains both cans of an E-meter in one hand and asks issues as an auditor.

Dan351 didn’t in fact declare scientology beliefs aliens south park that. He mentioned: The price started off mounting when LRH not ran the church.

When the actor abruptly became the posterboy for your group, he also dumped his publicist of fourteen yrs, Pat Kingsley, and hired his sister, a fellow Scientologist. In 2008, the church produced a advertising video that includes a lengthy job interview with the actor, speaking about what being a Scientologist intended to him.

The fees versus the Church of Scientology ended up dropped after the point out’s medical examiner adjusted the cause of death from “undetermined” to an “accident” on June 13, 2000. [source]

Mark And that i just had been form of dumbstruck by the whole notion. It’s rather noticeable to me that that no longer appears like a company with two hundred-250 staff, let alone the public to go with.

Ortega attained latest tax documents that revealed the main three tiers with the Church (which can be a non-gain Business) have a combined book worth of $one.5 billion.

ALIENS lol. But only when you get to a specific and very costly level. In this article you could hear the founder of scientology l ron hubbard conversing about the evil galactic overlord xenu/xemu as highlighted in South Park. And Sure This really is what they believe when they reach the level "OT3". ... Scientologists believe that the souls of useless Room aliens (Human body Thetans) have hooked up by scientology beliefs clams themselves to us and their difficulties from their previous life afflict us and we have to "Clear" them utilizing scientology procedures.

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